Owen Magic Supreme would like to thank all who have shared their condolences as well as fond memories.


I enjoyed having a cup of coffee with my mother everyday. She was 92, very healthy and still coming to work to crack the whip. She was a beautiful person inside and out. We will miss her very much.


All of us at Owen Magic Supreme.

It was my mother's wishes not to have a funeral service. Out of respect, we will be honoring her wishes. We have received hundreds of calls, cards, and emails and we graciously thank you all.

Alan Zagorsky


Since I was a little girl I used to go to work with my dad to Owen Magic Supreme.  I was so excited to have tea time and lunch with my grandparents daily.  My Grandmother taught me how to properly answer the phone while my Grandfather taught me how to properly announce the calls over the loud speaker.  I didn’t always do it right but my Grandma was always ready to teach me again.  When I got a little older she taught me how to count the money!  This of course was my favorite job! Haha!  Bookkeeping and filing soon followed.  She was always instilling in me valuable lessons I would carry out in my daily life.   When I got even older (teenage years) I no longer wanted to go to work, I wanted to hang out with my friends , but I soon learned that not everyone got the same opportunities that I got by seeing and working with my family every day and it is something I now treasure. 

She absolutely loved her two sons, Alan and Andrew, and was so grateful to have them in her life daily.  If you ever asked her how her sons were doing she would tell you their whole life story, how they met their significant others, how they gave her the best grandchildren and great grandchildren.  (myself included hahah!)  She was just so grateful to them!  All of us, her family and friends, were so grateful to have her in our own lives because she was amazing, so unique and one of a kind! 

She had many talents such as cooking.  She made the BEST pot roast and anyone who has had it can contest to that! Haha!

She left a lasting impression on everyone she met.  She was sharp and witty and the innocence in something funny she said would shock you and keep you laughing for hours……
My Grandmother, Gertrude W. Smith was born October 5th, 1920 and passed away in her sleep on August 31, 2013 at the age of 92.

She was the true magic behind it all!
 I Love you Grandma Always and Forever,
Alexia Zagorsky


My Gramma was a no messing around, straight shooting, get to the point kinda lady. She let me know when she liked or didn't like my girlfriend, let me know if I was getting fat, which was every time I saw her, and always enjoyed telling me a long winded story about something.... and I loved her for that. I always enjoyed eating with my gramma, she loved when I brought her pastrami sandwiches from "The Hat" restaurant or liver and onions when we went out to Claim Jumper for dinner. I'm going to miss my gramma and everything we ever did together! 

Every time I eat a pastrami I will be thinking of you grams. ...

Love your grandson Brian


I can not remember a time when my beautiful Aunt Gert was not in my life. My earliest recollections are of her and my mom getting prissied up to go out on the town, leaving Grandma Wayland up to her own devices to keep Alan, Andy and I in control back in Elmwood, CT and this was no small feat. And speaking of Grandma Wayland, no-one has better memories than all of us made in beloved NH, whether riding the homemade tractor thru the woods, swimming in Otter Pond, making Apple cider, playing in our frog pond, or whooping it up in Grandma's barn. Aunt Gert was such a huge part of my landscape, it would be impossible to list it all here, however some that stick out are the early days of living room magic shows, with all of us lined up in anticipation of Uncle Les' s amazing magic with his beautiful long haired blond assistant. We could always count on a bird or two escaping overhead. Then came that eventful CA trip when Uncle Les and Aunt Gert set eyes on Owen Magic and there was no turning back!. I remember how devastated we all were to see them leave. Little did I realize that I would have the opportunity to make many trips to CA over the years and create so many more powerful memories. In some ways I became even closer to Aunt Gert on those trips as we shared so many memories and always found time for our "girls only" secret talks. And then there was Nordstrom! Our laughs and adventures could fill a book. Never will I go into Nordstrom again without Aunt Gert on my shoulder. I am blessed to have had her in my life and hopefully the lessons I learned from her thru the years will always bring out the best in me. Thank you Aunt Gert! You will be with me always!