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Illusion Pricing

It is the policy of Owen Magic Supreme not to quote prices of illusions without getting to know the magician/performer by requesting a resume or brief bio. We take into consideration our customers' confidentiality and the many variations and options availible for almost each and every prop. Owen Magic also custom builds illusions for individual customer needs which include sizing, painting, artwork, and finishes depending on the venue the customer is performing in and the theme of their show; lighting, accessories and or changes to the basic prop, etc. Owen Magic is more than a magic manufacturing company (we are not a wholesaler or reseller). Owen Magic will be happy to provide the quote you requested when we receieve your resume or brief bio.

All of us at Owen Magic believe that you should consider your props not tricks in themselves, but an adjunct to your showmanship and presentation. Please take some time to consider these points. If you would like to make an appointment don't hesitate to contact us!